Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gotta love Craigslist furniture.

We've been stalking craigslist for mid-century modern furniture for a while now.  Two weeks ago we found what we were looking for....well mostly.  A Vintage Flexsteel sofa & matching chair plus a vintage recliner for $150.  Since they were an hour + away I sent Justin, in a rented cargo van, to go pick it all up.

(The giant black overstuffed monstrosity in the background is our old couch.  Nothing wrong with it, SUPER comfy, but it totally didn't fit the look we wanted.)
I LOVE the lines on this sofa.  The down side is that it does need to be reupholstered.
New burlap, new batting, new cushions (change the cushions into 2 wide cushions instead of three little ones), delete the piping on the back & kick board, and last but not least change the buttons to one row straight across. After the changes it should look even more true mid-century.  I'm thinking we will reupholster it in a grey/back heavy tweed fabric (if you look closely you can see the swatch on the back of the couch).

Beautiful vintage green tweed recliner (Justin LOVES it).
Whichever chair stays (this one or the one that matches the
couch) will be reupholstered in the lagoon blue tweed you see
on the top back of this picture.

Matching Flexsteel Chair, and yes for some reason
there is a cat door into our closet.  Add that to the must be
fixed later list.  Something tells me Maggie isn't
getting through there.

The owl print on the wall is from my mom.  My Aunt did that
print from a wood carving.  Thanks Mom & Aunt Sue!

So this is what our living room looks like with all the new furniture.  I think we need one less chair.  Currently Justin and I don't agree on which chair needs to leave with the black overstuffed sofa, but we'll keep you updated on who wins which way we go.


  1. Your plans for the furniture sound's all gonna look awesome! And picturing Maggie trying to go through the little cat door is pretty hilarious! Maybe her nose though ;)

  2. You know I love everything about this. Love Maggie's cat door! Ha!