Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And the wall (paper) came down.

As always the holidays made us finish up some projects that have been hanging in we'll do that later land for a year a while.  Yay for crossing things off the to-do list!  

We started with the wallpaper border that's been bugging me since we moved in. Partially because it was old, & starting to come off in places.  Partially because we needed to remove it so we could paint, but mostly because it's been staring at me everyday bugging me since we moved in. 

The kitchen with fruit/pair border (and my horribly unorganized top of the fridge).

Dining Room flowery ribbon border (and LOTS of dirty handprints from my wonderful children).

We started by trying to peel the boarder off the wall.....with a scrapper.  Not recommened.  Learn from us don't try this at your house.  After about 30 min we decided it was time to rent a wallpaper steamer.  Lucky for us our local hardware store, Cottins hardware, had one available.  So Justin ran out to pick it up.  I don't know what I was expecting a wallpaper steamer to look like but this wasn't it.

After Justin reciting all the warnings that came with the steamer, and hearing it heat it up I let him do most of the steaming while reciting lines from The Fifth Element "Gimme some heat, man! ", "I need some HEAT over here, maaan!"

Even Justin admitted that the steamer was a bit scary and donned his fire fighter gloves.  

The steamer worked wonderfully and in about 45 mins we had all the border off from the kitchen and dining room.  


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