Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year...New Paint.

Thanks to the help of some wonderful friends & a painting party we finished painting the living room.  We used Benjamin More Stonington Grey color matched to Clark and Kensington low VOC satin.  We went with the more expensive low VOC paint due to it being cold outside and we really didn't want the boys being cooped up inside with the paint smell.  
This was our first trial of low VOC paint and Justin and I were both impressed.  It covered very well, barely smelled at all and we are able to wipe grimmy hand prints and dog drool off it easily.  

Here is the living room last year before we moved in.  
It was a very warm almost yellow off white.  Which was nice, but claustrophobia inducing for me.  

Here is our living room now.

We love it.  
It feels much more open and we are now eager to get all our art back up on the walls.  

This is what Maggie thinks of it.  

I'd say it gets her approval.  

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  1. I seriously LOVE the paint! It's so warm and cozy feeling now. And it makes the awesome new furniture really pop! Glad Maggie likes it too ;)