Monday, March 26, 2012

Flower Bed Fixing - Wine Bottle Style

I've been saving wine bottles for a year in prep for this project, and it looks like I have (much) more drinking in my future.  Not because it went badly, but because I don't have nearly enough empty bottles.

The side without the bottles...all undefined and encroached on by our crab grass full front yard.

After digging out the other side and pulling an unknown chunk of concrete we started putting in the bottles.  I usually drink the same kind of wine, but I had a few random clear bottles as well.  We decided to use them on the ends to anchor it...we'll see if we like it.  

We used all the green bottles we had (clearly I need to drink more often...or start dumpster/recycle bin diving), and it's only partially finished.  We'll add to it as we get more, and as with everything else we do it will grow and change with us.  

Oh and yes, we have a flamingo in our front yard, his name is Fred and he is made of concrete.  My husbands late grandfather made him and we love him.  No bashing on Fred.

Half finished...and darn it I just noticed that the right edge isn't as far into the ground as the left edge.  Oh well...we'll fix it when we add more.  Now where is my wine?


  1. That looks great Libby! I have a couple bottles of wine we haven't finished yet. You're welcome to have them when we're done with them if you like. Oh, and Fred is cool. He looks good there :)

  2. More wine will help make everything even too! ;) Looks great!